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General Information:

  • MAGIC SUPPLEMENT: Used as a quick energy supplement for a rundown goat.
    • ​1 part molasses
    • 1 part corn oil
    • 1 part Karo syrup
    • Personally we have found that it works best slightly warmed. We also add a touch of water and mix it all together.
    • Give orally as needed. 


  We have found this mineral feeder to be ideal. The goats get free choice mineral without soiling or wasting any. 
Here is the supply list for the mineral feeder that we made: 22" x 4" schedule 35 pvc, 4" Y, 4" rubber cap, 4" plastic cap with handle, pvc glue. 
We attached the mineral feeder to the wall with plumbing tape, just high enough that they cannot soil in it, yet, can reach it with their head. 


  The babies love their hotbox! Ron cut a 7" wide x 13 1/2" tall opening in an old trash can. Next he cut a small
hole in the top of the box to run the electric cord of the heat lamp through. The heat lamp can be adjusted in height by simply tying the cord at the 
desired height. Make sure that the box is secure and cannot be tipped over or moved by mama goats. 


 Adding a ladder toy for your kids to climb and play on is a great way to help them build muscle.

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  •  Click Here   Composition of Goat Milk, (the fat in goats' milk contains short chained fatty acids, thus making it easier to digest).
  • An average goat will consume 490 pounds of hay during a typical 90-day winter feeding period. 





Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! Psalm 118:1
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