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We give a 10% discount when three or more goat breeding animals are purchased at one time. 

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Spring born doelings available - pictures and information coming soon. Call / text for details.

Buck Prospect - $800, obo
EVAN - Simon x Eve 
DOB: December 16, 2019
This young buck prospect has all the genetics and look to be a phenomenal wether maker!
This buck has bone, deep thick twist, bold rib, wide top....and he is ready to breed! 
Picture of mom (Eve x Event) can be found on the doe page. Picture and genetics of sire (Simon) can be found on the buck page.

Buck prospect - $800, obo
JASPER - Hush x Jewel (Husker)

DOB: January 7, 2020
Long, flashy, heavy boned, plenty of shag, stout, and ready to work. He's got it all!
Picture of mom - Jewel - can be found on the doe page. Picture and genetics of sire (Hush) can be found on the buck page. 

Proven Buck
$3200, obo

Blue Team Wether TRITON x Kelly 42 (Second Hand Smoke - 7T7 Livestock)
DOB: January 2018, purchased from Show Barn Genetics / Alvin Tingle / Kentucky

Here are a few pictures of his kids...
Kid pictures are for reference only. They have been sold or are part of our keeper herd. 


THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR BUYERS! Have fun with the new additions to your farms!


Mature birds and hatching eggs always available. Contact us today for details. 

Hatchlings from 4.21.20 will be available after May 12, 2020. Call to reserve your birds today. 


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Meeker, Colorado
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