Willey Family Livestock
Meeker, Colorado

I will run the way of thy commandments. Psalm 119: 32

Performance Horses - Where Power and Partnership Converge

Ranch Horses: 
Our training program develops the ranch horse to perform as a cohesive partner with their rider. We understand the need to handle livestock, navigate rugged terrain, and perform a variety of tasks essential to the ranch operation. 

Arena Horses: 
Harnessing each horses strengths and love of their job, we work diligently to prep each horse for their specific task in the arena, forging a solid desire to perform at their peak. 


Trail Horses: 
Crossing water, navigating downed timber, crossing bridges, encountering wildlife, the list is endless on what you and your equine partner may experience on the trail. We work with your horse, to train them, to calmly navigate whatever life throws at them on the trail.

Companion Horses: 
Horses provide an amazing connection with humans. Our goal is to ensure that your horse is solid in their ground manners and under saddle manners. Working with you to meet your desired goals. 



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Meeker, Colorado
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